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Top 10 College Application Steps for Seniors

What are the top 10 items that need to be on your “to-do” list?

One: Review your list of col­leges. The schools should be those you’re inter­ested in, have pro­grams with majors you are con­sid­er­ing, and fit your needs, val­ues, inter­ests and learning/instructional style. Are you inter­ested in a Four or Two-Year pro­gram? How about a tech­ni­cal, voca­tional or trade school option? Have you con­sid­ered the mil­i­tary? The aver­age num­ber of appli­ca­tions most seniors sub­mit is approx­i­mately 5 to 7 schools. Con­sider two schools that might be a reach or stretch, those you dreamed about attend­ing all your life. Next, con­sider 2–3 that are pos­si­ble, your test­ing, grades, and course­work meet the mid­dle 50% of those admit­ted in the past. Then 2–3 schools where you are likely to be admit­ted (your sta­tis­tics are in the top 25% of the pre­vi­ous admit­ted class). Check the range of test scores and grade point aver­ages of pre­vi­ously admit­ted stu­dents to deter­mine this set on the college’s web­site. See next 9 steps by click­ing here.

Please Explain Score Choice

Score Choice allows the stu­dent to for­ward the scores they choose to the col­leges or uni­ver­si­ties they are apply­ing to.  So what does a stu­dent need to know about this policy?

Here are some items to think about: SAT Rea­son­ing and Sub­ject test scores can be sub­mit­ted by test date. If a stu­dent does not choose Score Choice, all scores will be sent to the col­lege. Score Choice is optional. Stu­dents should fol­low the score-reporting require­ments of the col­leges they are apply­ing to. Col­leges will only receive the scores that the stu­dent sends to them. Indi­vid­ual sec­tions of a spe­cific test date can­not be selected—only the entire test of the par­tic­u­lar SAT will be sent. It does not cost more to send one or mul­ti­ple copies or all test scores to a col­lege. Scores can be sent by paper, CD, or Elec­tronic Score Reports.  If the stu­dent requests a sec­ond report to a col­lege, the report will only include the unique set of scores cho­sen by the stu­dent, which may or may not include pre­vi­ous test scores.

For more infor­ma­tion, check with the Col­lege Board.