48 iPad Apps That High School and College Students Love

Staff Writers from OnlineColleges.com wrote an article that I thought I would share with you.  They noted, “While the laptop remains the tech tool of choice for most high school and college students, many are embracing portable and innovative tablets like the iPad. Since its release in 2010, the iPad has taken the tech market by storm and become a popular, educational and fun tool for both teachers and students alike. It is increasingly infiltrating college education, with some schools en offering free iPads for enrollees.”

“Whether you’re a high school or college student looking for new apps to stock your iPad or someone just curious what kind of appropriate resources are out there, start your search with these 48 great apps. Among them, students will find help with everything from keeping homework organized to finding the perfect first date spot — and just about everything in between.”

Essential Tools

The staff writers shared, “These apps will help turn your iPad into the ultimate productivity tool, whether you’re making a home movie, sketching out plans for a project or writing a term paper.”

  1. Dictionary.com

    Whether you need to look up the definition of a particularly troublesome word, find a suitable synonym or just play around with the English language, this application can help.

  2. Pages

    Apple’s word processing solution for the iPhone and iPad, this application will let you write papers, create newsletters and much more.

  3. Numbers

    Making spreadsheets was never fun…until you could do it on the iPad! With the help of this application, students can organize any kind of data, create graphs and even set up a budget.

  4. Things

    Have a lot to do this semester? Keep track of it all with this simple and intuitive task manager.

  5. Dragon Dictation

    If you don’t want to invest in a separate keyboard, this application — which takes dictation when you speak into the iPad — can make putting together a lengthy email or paper a whole lot easier.

  6. Kindle

    Whether you’re getting textbooks or books just for fun, you can use this Amazon application to turn your iPad into the perfect reading device.

  7. iMovie

    Edit movies and create the perfect presentation or project for your class right on your iPad.

  8. SketchBook Pro

    Students who love to draw will appreciate the numerous features here, allowing users to do everything from edit a photograph to create detailed and original handmade artwork.


These apps have got you covered when it comes to learning and studying.

  1. The Elements: A Visual Exploration

    The periodic table has never looked as glamorous as it does in this app. Amazing photos of all of the elements will make you actually want to learn more about chemistry.

  2. Rate My Professors

    Have a great professor? Stuck with a lousy one? Let other students know about your experience through this handy application version of the popular online site.

  3. Blackboard Mobile Learn

    Many of your courses may use Blackboard to manage materials, and you can easily access it on the go through your iPad or iPhone.

  4. gFlash

    With flashcard collections that run the gamut from architecture to pre-med, you’re bound to find something that will help you study.

  5. TED

    No matter what field you’re pursuing your degree in, you’re bound to find cutting-edge and thought-provoking lectures on this site’s application.

  6. iSource MLA

    Need to check and make sure you’re using appropriate MLA style? No worries, this application will ensure you never lose points on a works cited. If your classes don’t use MLA, there’s also an APA version available.

  7. Flash My Brain

    Another great flashcard application, this awesome tool will help you turn your notes into incredibly useful flashcards for studying.

  8. Textbooks

    Why lug around a backpack full of textbooks when you can just keep them all right on your iPad? This application makes it possible, with thousands of textbooks to choose from.

  9. Articles for iPad

    While Wikipedia shouldn’t be a primary source for your college research, it can prove a great starting place. Articles lets you read and discover Wikipedia articles right from your iPad, whether you need to look up the Ming Dynasty or your favorite rock star.


Stay in touch with friends, family and significant others with these social media applications.

  1. IM+ Pro

    No matter what kind of IM service you prefer, even if you use them all this application will make it easy to keep in touch with everyone.

  2. WordPress

    Share insights into your college life through your WordPress blog, with tools that make it easy to manage right from your iPad.

  3. Friendly Plus for Facebook

    Facebook has yet to release a dedicated application for the iPad, but this tool may be all you need to easily post and browse your feed.

  4. TweetDeck

    This application makes it simple to use Twitter on your iPad, both for creating your own tweets and organizing those of the people you follow.

  5. textPlus free

    Don’t want to waste texts on your wireless plan? Use this service to text friends and family for free.


The iPad can be a great work tool, but it’s built for entertainment, too. There are plenty of apps to suit your needs, but we suggest you start with these essentials.

  1. Netflix

    With a subscription to Netflix, you’ll be able to stream thousands of movies right on your iPad.

  2. Scrabble

    Challenge a friend to a battle of words with this popular game.

  3. Yelp

    New to town? Yelp can help you find the best place for a burger, coolest clubs and even a reliable dentist.

  4. SoundHound

    Can’t figure out who’s singing that tune on the radio? Use SoundHound to get all the info you’ll need about any song.

  5. Aweditorium

    Help cultivate your effortlessly cool image by checking out this application, which lets you listen to the latest songs from up-and-coming artists. You’ll be able to claim, honestly, that you heard of them before anyone else did.

  6. Pandora

    Choose an artist or song you like and this popular online radio site will build a station around it just for you.

  7. How to Cook Everything

    If you can barely boil water, then you need this application to help save you from a semester of microwave meals. Mark Bittman shares some great recipes and pointers on how to do the most basic kitchen tasks.

  8. Angry Birds

    No iPad would be complete without this iconic game, which flings birds at some seriously rude pigs.

  9. AroundMe

    Bored on a Saturday night? Use this application and find out what’s going on in your community.

Information Management

Organizing your research, notes and class materials can be a pain, but these apps streamline the process.

  1. Evernote

    Whether you need to jot down an idea, note a to-do or save an internet site, Evernote makes it easy. Better yet, unlike an easily misplaced post-it, you’ll be able to quickly find your notes later.

  2. Dropbox

    Take your files to the cloud with this application, which lets you easily transfer and store all your most important information.

  3. Intsapaper

    Found a great article, but don’t have time to read it now? No problem. Instapaper lets you save it for later so you can read it right from your iPad — no wifi required.

  4. Penultimate

    If you prefer to take notes by hand, this application is a must for the iPad. You’ll be able to quickly and easily take and organize even the messiest of handwritten notes.

  5. Notes Plus

    This application is a great way to keep your notes organized and easily accessible, making sure the days of lost scribbles are a thing of the past.

  6. GoodReader

    How many times have you had class readings given in PDF form? Now, with GoodReader, you can bring those readings with you, take notes, and highlight in one easy place.


Never forget an assignment again with the help of these great applications.

  1. Outliner for iPad

    Create to-do lists, track a project or lay out an entire research paper using this productivity tool — a great way to make sure you’re on task and your papers flow well.

  2. iStudiez Pro

    Do you have trouble keeping up with all your homework and activities? This application helps manage all your assignments and obligations, sending you reminders when due dates are approaching.

  3. myHomework

    For students who have trouble remembering due dates, this application can be a lifesaver. Simply enter in your assignments for each class, and the app will help you track them.

  4. inClass

    With inClass, students can organize their schedules, share notes and track when assignments are due. The perfect tool for helping any student stay productive this semester.


If you’re a college student on a budget (is there any other kind?), you’ll appreciate these money-saving tools.

  1. Kayak HD

    Plan the ultimate spring break on a budget with the help of Kayak’s tools, which find the lowest prices on flights, hotels, rental cars and more.

  2. CraigsPro+

    Whether you’re looking for a new couch for your first place or a car to get you to work, CraigsPro will help you easily navigate Craigslist postings.

  3. BookBargain

    Never pay full price for textbooks again with this handy app, which searches through a wide variety of internet shops to find you the best deal.

  4. Groupon

    Make going out, staying healthy and shopping a little bit cheaper with Groupon’s discounts.


You’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest news and follow your favorite blogs when you get these applications.

  1. CNN

    Get access to all the breaking news stories, videos and photos on the CNN site.

  2. Flipboard

    An amazing way to organize your Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds, Flipboard turns your favorite internet sites into a magazine you can page through.

  3. Pulse

    With Pulse, you’ll be able to tailor a news stream that meets your own interests.